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Alexander Kafoussias

Alexander Kafoussias

Horn trimmer for Hellboy

In my project I design props for the film Hellboy. My starting point is a scene in the film in which Hellboy is grinding down his cut-off horns with a grinding machine whilst at the same time talking to John Myers, a young agent in the unit in which Hellboy is working. The contrast between “big red demon who grinds down his horns” and “young guy” means you are reminded what a strange, coarse creature Hellboy is compared with a human.

The aim of my project is to reinforce the effect of the scene by giving Hellboy a horn trimmer instead of the grinder he is now using. The horn trimmer was a gift from his father, and over time it has become a “security blanket” that he resorts to at times of stress. These feelings for the horn trimmer have to be visually expressible in the scene. The trimmer also has to have the same powerful and crude force of expression as the rest of Hellboy’s gadgets.


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Industrial Design