Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Textile in the Expanded Field

Textile in the Expanded Field

This group, which was started two years ago, is the first to graduate from the Master program Textile in the Expanded Field. Diverse backgrounds, cultures and various previous education were brought into this group. Several of the students had a Bachelor degree in textile, though some came from fields such as architecture and fine arts. This turned out to be exactly the kind of student mix we had hoped to have! During the past two years these students have developed their artistic identity, chiseled  various issues and investigated concepts within a variety of spheres.

In this Degree Exhibition we present projects with roots or platforms in textile materials and art or design methods. There has been a displacement and transfer of thoughts, ideas and realization. The consideration of a technique or an approach can, although it does not necessarily have to, result in a material-based work. The projects have opened up a number of different ways of working, thus enabling new perspectives. Faced with such complexity, it has sometimes been critical for the students to find a focus and settle on one approach.

For the graduation the students participating in Textile in the Expanded Field have to make an individual project including an artefact and a written essay. The purpose of the essay is to use the writing as a method in the creative procedure. It is also a way of clarifying and reflecting on the practice within art or design and to put this practice into a context.

In this exhibition we encounter an exploration of concepts and contexts - a pondering on the human body and identity, textile constructions and patterns that occupy space and stories of the dreamy and intuitive. The work presented shows different projects where new knowledge has been generated with ideas and spirit that can be placed in a contemporary as well as a future context.

Fanny Aronsen, Professor of Textile design
Inger Bergström, Professor of Textile Art