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Frida Åberg

Frida Åberg

My project started with the question: Why do we wear jewellery? And after that came: Why do I make jewellery?

Through asking these questions, I have found answers. Some are for me and others are universal.
It is the emotional value the jewellery contains that makes the whole difference and makes it worth wearing. The dreams and memories of people and places that live within and the abilities which seeps into it when we wear it.

I have chosen the branch as the material with which to illustrate my thoughts. The branch is a small part of the whole tree, with the wind in its leaves and its roots in the soil. The small piece still contains the memory of the whole tree.

What places and which people are living in your jewellery?

Remember and dream, 2009

Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Gothenburg, Sweden

Remember and dream, 2009
Remember and dream, 2009

Ädellab/Metal Design