Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Formgiving Intelligence

Formgiving Intelligence

What is Formgiving Intelligence? When we created this new master's program, we had our vision of what these words could mean. Now, when we look at the first finalized masters' projects, we can see five new strong interpretations of Formgiving Intelligence.

Wai-Ling has been taking on the challenge of co-branding. The new approach is to truly combine the brand of a company with the brand of a charity organization. It proved to be a very sensitive balance leading to a shoe concept that would be beneficial to both parties and pay respect to each brand.

Naoto has made a similar merge, but with two traditions of production. By introducing crafted elements in industrially-produced products, he promotes a stronger emotional value and unique qualities to every single product. This is creating new opportunities for both industrialists and craftsmen.

Diana has managed a highly complex process to show a possible future for individual transport. Based on future studies, she has created a strategic design platform that clarifies and directs the design development process.Her work also incorporates new ways of transforming a strategic platform into actual design; in her case, applied in the shaping of a future micro car.

Louise wanted to try how you can support a more sustainable development within the design process. Her case study has been eyewear for children. By addressing both the child and the parent with equally high respect, she managed to find a new approach in this conservative category.

Anton and Axel went out in search of the "Holy Grail" of design. They didn't find it, but in the fields of play and ethnography they found distinctive empowerment for their design tools. The result is a well-balanced set of methods and approaches that is proving to increase customer satisfaction and incorporative of creative development. Their model has been applied in a case together with a small company producing toothbrushes.

All of the students have creatively used what they have learned. By combining their designing skills with a strategic approach, they have created a range of solutions showing great formgiving intelligence. This fills us with confidence for the future development of the program.

Teo Enlund, Professor of Industrial Design