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Ädellab/Metal Design

Confidential Talk
The difference between fine art and applied art is to me, not the content, nor is it to be found in the size or in the purpose of an object. The most important difference is the nature of communication. A sculpture placed in a landscape speaks to the public. A jewellery piece in a showcase speaks to each of us as individual human beings. It’s a tete-a-tete, a dialogue between the piece and the observer.

Thereby, it’s not of importance if the beholder would like to wear the piece. Even if the piece does not appeal to you personally, by suggesting the possibility of wearing, jewellery involves us in confidential talk. The same phenomenon applies for corpus, the plain image of placing the piece in your everyday life initiates the conversation. The story told begins with the artist, but the task of completing the tale lies in the mind of the beholder.

The eight students leaving our bachelor’s program this year have important and controversial stories to tell. As artists, they have chosen to express themselves through the language of objects.  They are speaking to us about loss, value, beauty, silence, sexuality and first and foremost they are challenging us to overcome our preconceptions of jewellery and corpus.

Art is expressing a deeper truth about the life surrounding us. It may arise as an ethical question or it may describe a feeling or a moment. The artists are telling their truth from their very own development and life experience. Although the artists may be of a younger generation or from a different ethnic background than we, it’s always worthwhile to listen.

Karen Pontoppidan, Visiting Professor of Metal and Jewellery Art