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Louise Bahrton

Louise Bahrton

Owl Eyewear

The brand Owl Eyewear serves the purpose of change in the eyewear business, seeing how an environmentally friendly system can be desired and profitable.

I was interested to learn more about how to deal with environmental issues in design projects and to better understand the forces behind what makes a product more environmental friendly.

In my thesis I chose to work with and study eyewear and the eyewear industry. Since eyewear is a fairly simple product with few components it has made it possible for me to get a close look at the product itself, an overview of its life cycle and the production process.

I noticed that the eyewear industry is today driven by fashion and not necessarily by environmental issues, with the result that the necessary process to motivate, raise awareness and change in the eyewear business has suffered.

I saw the opportunity to create a suggestion for a new eyewear brand for children that is formulated on assumptions based on research into environmental production process guidelines and how the eyewear business work with environmental issues today.

The challenge was to playfully express the environmental aspects of the system behind the product in a way so that it would reach and be understandable for the buyer and end-user – the parent and the child.


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