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Naoto Nakamura

Naoto Nakamura

SynCraft – Crafted Home Appliances

Creating a sustainable fusion between crafted and industrial products with the focus on emotional value and uniqueness.

Almost all the industrial products are made by mass-production processes with cheap plastic and are often considered to be throw-away objects. When it breaks down, you buy another one. We often experience this situation, especially in the case of home electric appliances. Over the decades, home appliances have become increasingly available to consumers causing the value of household appliances to change from the icon of the dream machine in your home to the cheap throw-away object of today.

Have you thrown away your favorite bowls and dishes when they became damaged? Many say “no” especially if it’s handmade. Therefore, I see the potential in craft, because craft objects have more emotional value and uniqueness.

My degree project investigates what are the core value factors of craft objects that evoke people’s affection and appreciation which industrial products lack in order to create a sustainable fusion between crafted and industry-made products. This method will be applied to create a series of crafted home appliances.

Electric Kettle, 2008

Year of birth 1978 Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
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Electric Kettle, 2008

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