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Moa Lönn

Moa Lönn

Days of our lives

Sluggish mass of time trickles by. Dip my finger into the mire in order and stir around in the time surrounding me. A movement spreads that can last a day, an hour or the rest of your life. Feel my way around in this constantly present commonplaceness. Behave at random, without plans, suck up fragments of a narrative, resist tradition and squander time on the periphery. Come across symbols and popular stories that are transformed so as to arouse personal associations.

Clay animations and ceramic sculptures are merged in a new version in which both the construction and the illusion are present. The narration utilizes our associations regarding the clay – smear, daub, smudge. The goo drips, slushes forward and pushes on. Beautiful, dirty, natural and disgusting. ‘Days of our lives’ moves between the dreamy state of a fantasy land, everyday escape and kitchen sink realism.

Smiley, 2009
Clayanimated sculpture, painted earthenwear
Photo: Noak Lönn

Year of birth 1979 Place of birth Kalmar, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 735 997 878

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Rearrange the flowers, 2009
Clayanimated sculpture, porcelain
Photo: Noak Lönn

The writning’s on the wall, 2009
Stills from clayanimation

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/ma_cg_moa_lonn_04.flv /]
Reflections of the long-lasting moisturising effects, 2009
Clayanimated sculpture, painted earthenware

Ceramics and Glass