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Hannah Joris

Hannah Joris

I’m a canal in Europe where bodies are floating
I’m a mass grave I’m the life that returns
I’m a table set with room for the Stranger

I’m a man-child praising God he’s a man

I have dreamed of Zion I’ve dreamed of world revolution

I’m a corpse dredged from a canal in Berlin
a river in Mississippi I’m a woman standing

I am standing here in your poem. Unsatisfied

Adrienne Rich, excerpts from #10 from “Eastern War Time”, An Atlas of the Difficult World: Poems, 1988-1991 (p.44).

Our Vulnerable Position, 2009
Potatoes, iron

Year of birth 1984 Place of birth San Francisco, CA, USA
+ 46 (0) 76 26 54 292 / + 32 476 95 16 13

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