Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Ceramics and Glass

Ceramics and Glass

The positions that these students are taking in their work in arts and crafts, and design, are interesting and welcome. There is no opposition here. The task of the student can never be to legitimate traditions in arts and crafts that others have already won. This does not mean that these students reject the history that has dominated the field. It only means that they want to make an imprint with the tools that they believe they need.

The fields of arts and crafts and design are differentiated and strive in a variety of directions. We see that these students are interested in applying tradition, material and knowledge to tell stories. Their work is not just about objects in themselves, but also about the narrative function of objects in relationship to the room, categorization, to the creation of meaning, to a will beyond their own existence, and also to seeking beyond one's own physical being. Their work represents know-how, a way of posing questions about material culture and daily life. Their work is tangible and definitely formative, without simply being a question of aesthetics.

In a tradition that has been characterized in recent years by a displacement and an embracing of the commonplace, in the sense of what is most personal, these students make use of a number of associations and methods to reformulate the practices within which they are working. Everything is subject to negotiation and the students themselves are responsible for what they wish to convey.

It is with great respect and joy that we have had the privilege of working with these students. We know that we will meet again and it is with pride and pleasure we wish you success.

Zandra Ahl, Professor of Ceramics
Beatrice Hansson, Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Art with emphasis on Glass and Ceramics