Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Textiles


The Department of Textiles is graduating thirteen students this year. During their undergraduate education these student have devoted themselves to exploring textile materials and the potential of textile techniques, with an eye to the world around. Working with an artistic approach to textiles opens doors in several fields. These students have staked out their own paths and made their own choices in advanced projects and independently formulated work.  This is the background to the multifaceted forms of expression, questions and challenges shown in their final exhibition.

We discover work here that focuses on the body and clothing, as well as on the way students use their technical knowledge to give expression to thoughts regarding craftsmanship, pleasure and power. The individual self, the body and one's own existence are brought into the projects. Contradictions and conflicts are recurrent themes. Everyday life and fiction are examined in the same project. In other projects, events take place in a fictive world or on stage.

We also witness an interest in re-dressing of public spaces, where familiarity with textile techniques as well as the ability of textile materials to awaken associations and memories are important points of departure.

Choices are made in the artistic projects that point to borders yet to be crossed. Play and homelessness, time and traces, grandma and patterns – there are so many very different clues to the work of this year's graduating students in the realm of textile art.

Marie Dreiman, Senior Lecturer of Textile Design
Carina Gunnars, Adjunct Lecturer of Art
Patrik Söderstam, Visiting Lecturer of Fashion/Costume