Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Matilda Ekman

Matilda Ekman

Matilda Ekman

Color my world

When as a small child I first saw my mother’s dresses from the 60s this awakened my interest in patterns. Ever since then patterns and colors have fascinated me.

My patterns grow out of spontaneous drawing in that various shapes are placed in logical systems. When the pen can follow my imagination and the drawing spreads itself out over a surface I feel calm. Drawing is meditation for me!

The fact that a pattern can be repeated ad infinitum is for me a captivating thought. My patterns often result in various abstract, colorful worlds taking shape.


Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Arbrå, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 702 606 018

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