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Graphic Design and Illustration

While both subjects – Graphic Design & Illustration – are worthy of a department in their own right, they combine to create an unsurpassable foundation for visual communication. Together with what a university college education has to offer in the way of reflection, inquiry and analysis, Graphic Design & Illustration (GDI) gives its students valuable knowledge and a breadth of study that is unique among design schools.

At the same time, each student has his or her own form of expression and communication. Students who graduate from GDI are not cast in the same form. Nor are they superficial designers or illustrators, but curious, questioning, and independently thinking human beings who have access to many forms of expression, which they polish during their years at Konstfack. This is reflected in our students' degree projects, which are the result of ten weeks of independent work.

As we write, intensive work is ongoing with a variety of different projects. Some are exploring objectively, however passionately, possible forms of expression and techniques based upon a specific subject; others are experimenting with various narrative forms. Several stories contain sensitive readings on the collective state of our psyche, and some are working with disquieting and dark prospects for the future of humankind.

While the conclusions that may be drawn from these pieces are subject to discussion, the future of these students as designers, illustrators and storytellers is hopeful.
Hey hope.

Ann Forslind, Senior Lecturer of Illustration
Jiri Novak, Lecturer of Graphic Design