Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Storytelling


The personal story, which has been a tradition for many years within the Master's Group Storytelling, has been developed and deepened in this program.

The degree exhibition project from the Master's Group Storytelling deals with everything from particle physics to feminism. The point of departure is the incomprehensible horror of war as well as a fascination with the power of the visual to influence and touch. These students move freely between dead seriousness and jovial humor, and bring us into their  personal stories as well as into extremes of fantasy lands.

Forms of expression vary from installation, animation, graphic short story, video, performance, graphic design, and illustrated tales for adults, to all possible and impossible genre mixes and hybrids. For this reason the degree project from the Master's Group Storytelling cannot be classified as a graphic design, illustration, art, or literary project. For some it is a source of wonder, for others a source of irritation – but for us it is a great joy.

We wish to encourage our students to venture into the borderlands - along the frontiers of Art, Literature or Science - or the frontiers of a lower status field such as childrens' culture, the cartoon scene or the game industry.  We wish to inspire our students to dare to discover and develop forms of expression and genres that have yet to exist as established concepts but which can become the future medial mainstream current just as well as the next darling of highbrow culture.

It’s not dangerous - it is necessary and fun. Take a look for yourself!

Joanna Rubin Dranger, Professor of Illustration
Hans Cogne, Professor fo Graphic design