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Karin Rönmark

Karin Rönmark

The theory of everything

Why do we exist? Why does anything at all exist, instead of nothing? We have always sought a meaning. A simple, preferably beautiful, explanation. A theory of everything.

My project is about this quest. I traveled to CERN near Geneva. In pursuit of a true description of the world, research into the enormous – the cosmos – is here brought together with research into the very smallest unit – the inside of the atom. This includes things too small or remote to be seen. Images and models are created of these worlds – worlds that are hidden from us. Using metaphors and similes from our world we can look into other worlds.

I also create worlds. Worlds based on reality. On what I have seen, heard or experienced. Things that concern me. As a draughtsman I am not bound by natural laws and normal logic. I am the god of my own universe.

Teorin om allt (The Theory of Everything), 2009
Installation av papper, collage och papier marché

Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 703 300 063

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Teorin om allt (The Theory of Everything) 1, 2009
Stoppmotion och kolanimationer

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Teorin om allt (The Theory of Everything) 2, 2009
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