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Pontus Björlin

Pontus Björlin

Cleaning Out My Closet

Some ideas are too small to act upon. They may not have a clear purpose or a place where they belong. Most of the time though, there is simply not enough time. They end up in sketchbooks, on to-do-lists, on random notes in pockets and on mind maps. I always want to finish things, and lacking time, I strive to organize thoughts and ideas into graspable systems (such as lists). But I do like small ideas.

Pieces of works that do not address questions such as: What is this good for? Do I really have the time to work on this seemingly pointless thing?

Investing some time and love in an idea can make the result entertaining and amusing if nothing else. Cutting critical questions out of the process can do wonders to creativity. So this is a to-do-list writing rehab for me. I dug up all my old sketchbooks, lists, homeless ideas and all the things that I was going to do at some point when I have the time, energy and inspiration. Now is the time to strike the last things of my list, I will finish everything. I’m cleaning out my closet!


Year of birth 1978 Place of birth Nynäshamn, Sweden