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Yuta Sakane

Yuta Sakane

Seeing the Seen

Appearance is only one aspect of an object. Surrounded by so much information and so many objects, we tend to assume we know much more about things based on just appearance. Almost everything we use in our everyday lives has been manufactured or manipulated through human or natural processes; a history we often neglect once the finished product is in our hands.

My degree project is an exploration of the relationship between visibility and the invisibility of a work; how to challenge the audience’s patience, fear and observatory skills by confronting them with an opportunity to witness another aspect of the work at hand. Only after the outer layer is breached can the audience experience the work as a whole and cause the link between image and substance to gradually unravel.

A daring access of information (a suggestion), 2009
Old books, handmade books, two found bookshelves

Year of birth 1983 Place of birth Chiba, Japan
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A daring access of information (dared), 2009
Old books, handmade books, two found bookshelves