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Experience Design

Design time: Create experience
As this first interdisciplinary class of experience designers graduate from the Experience Design Group (EDG), it is important to remember that EDG was spawned from a basic research question reflecting a fundamental shift in western culture: How will art, craft and design locate relevance as we shift from an object-based culture to an information-based culture?

Looking at the MFA thesis projects from this research group, one early conclusion seems to be through the creation of “a convergence experience” where multiple disciplines merge into hybrid experiences over time.  Fore-grounded by music, architecture and dance – the time-based arts - cultural experiences, unfolding over time, have a long and well known history and literature.

But at EDG we problematize conventional time-based culture seeking to locate a new relevance for hybrid studio practices drawn from more traditional forms of art, craft and design.  We begin with certain assumptions; chief amongst them is that art, design, craft and media have real and measurable consequences on how society behaves towards basic human problems.

While conventional forms of art and design such as painting and industrial design embrace two and three dimensions, at EDG we design Time itself. Time, left to itself, is an unreflective sequence of moments. Time, subjected to design, becomes meaningful Experience.  So while we incorporate two and three dimensional media in our work, we work in time-based hybrid practices.  To design time as immersive experience is to persuade, simulate, inform, envision, entertain, and forecast events.  It is to influence meaning and modify human behavior.

EDG is comprised of students, researchers and faculty who work across disciplines, typically in advanced hybrid research practices.  We are devoted to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice-led research across disciplines from art and design to the experience economy, from history to science, from philosophy to technology.  Our work, while often speculative, remains practically engaged socially, culturally and ethically.  We educate artists, designers and craft-persons who can perceive relevance - often furthest from their own discipline - and convert it into new forms of knowledge.

Ronald Jones, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

To find out more about EDG visit www.designtime.se