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Basar Önal

Basar Önal

This project is an exploration of alternative near-futures, addressing the debate around longevity, extension of human capabilities (transhumanism), bioethics and consumerism.

Health monitoring and genetic tests are becoming increasingly commercialized and affordable today. How will our experiences in the future be shaped by the light of this information? Which future lifestyles are likely to emerge? Why do we care to know? What could be some of the transitional systems that might lead to these lifestyles?

These questions are explored through a semi-fictional organization that in turn, offers a line of services and products. Future studies forms its backbone, providing the organization with methods which are then fed into design in order to create fictive realities.

Experience design, in this context, provides structures to enable debate and communication. It is about creating touch-points in a fictional timeline that project the present into the future, and vice versa.

Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Turkey
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