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Neha Sayed

Neha Sayed

Before joining the Experience Design program, I practiced as an architect in New Mumbai, India. My designs for architectural spaces were focused on the interactions of the client with the surrounding space and the experiences that arose. My interest in the experiences arising from social interaction comes from my practice.

This degree project is about the recreation of the “Experience of Togetherness” as it is experienced in a meeting between two friends. I have designed a concept which recreates the experience of eating a snack together in physical separation.

The meeting and the resulting experience is culture specific and situated in India. This project contributes as a design process combining methodology and theory together for understanding and analyzing experience to later produce a design concept.

Experience of Togetherness on a Panipuri stall, 2009
Photo: Salil Sayed

Year of birth 1975 Place of birth Pune, Maharashtra, India
+ 46 (0) 73 678 29 36 / + 912227459311

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Experience of Togetherness in two different contexts, 2009
Photo: Salil Sayed

Experience of Togetherness facilitated by the artifacts as a mobile accessory, 2009
Photo: Salil Sayed

Experience of Togetherness facilitated by the artifacts as a mobile accessory detail, 2009
Photo: Salil Sayed

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