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Oskar Westerberg

Oskar Westerberg


An informational film on Planetism

We all have an approximate idea of the meaning of the word “life”, but there is no generally accepted definition. There are a large number of planets on which there is no life, and they manage more or less as well as the planets on which there is life.

Life is associated with uptake, change, emission of substances, energy, the capacity for reproduction, the capacity for perceiving circumstances in the world about us, and evolution.

To sum up, it can be said that all life fights for it survival and hopes it is worth the bother. Some forms of life, e.g. tulips, do not appear to fight that hard, but humans are blessed with an awareness that makes us cognizant of just how much we need to work to maintain our existence.

Is, 2009

Year of birth 1984 Place of birth Ronneby, Sweden
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Befrielse, 2009

Graphic Design and Illustration