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Frida Hållander

Frida Hållander

Frida Hållander


– The countryside’s aesthetic production

Floodlights on the field. Vernacular is a concept that describes objects and human phenomena that are not shaped by an urban establishment but have been passed on locally. As a craftsman I examine objects and their social codes, almost like an ethnologist. The starting point is the fact that aesthetic practices and artefacts produced locally manifest different values or value systems.

Egg Sandwich in a Big Pack /
Äggmacka i en Big Pack, 2009
Earthenware / Lergods

Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Borås, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 706 522 126

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Boots on tarpaulin / Stövlar på presenning, 2009
Earthenware, tarpaulin / Lergods, presenning

Stone wall / Stenmur, 2009
Earthenware / Lergods

Man at stone wall / Man vid stenmur, 2009
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Man in shooting tower / Man i jakttorn, 2009
Video HDV

Ceramics and Glass

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