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Karin Kakan Hermansson

Karin Kakan Hermansson

My lesbian funeral

“Sometimes I just feel like doing a fucking Britney and shaving my hair off.”

Letvia can’t hack it any more. She’s a butch dyke in San Francisco and has long hair. She doesn’t fit into the template she and her girlfriends have created because they don’t fit into the other template. There’s oppression everywhere – even in the gay capital of the world.

I create ceramic illustrations of a chunk of reality that is huge, but that many people do not see. A transition between craftsmanship and a political agenda. What is craftsmanship if it doesn’t reflect truths other than the ones we’re used to seeing and experiencing?

I have secret and obvious stories to tell.

Min Lesbiska Begravning, 2009
Design: Henrik Grimner

Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Lund, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 736 837 500

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Ceramics and Glass