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Elisabet Jonsved

Elisabet Jonsved

Thinking always arises in confrontation with something that forces you to think. By reading up on something you can achieve a degree of understanding, and by physically acting and experiencing you can achieve a different understanding.

I have based my project on the philosopher Gilles Deleuze and his ideas on the difficulty of imagining the coexistence of opposites. Both spatially and mentally we try to remove all the spaces so as to have something comprehensible left over. Deleuze thinks we can only think things we already recognize.

Starting from the concept of “spaces” I try to find fruitful combinations of theoretical simplifications and physically complex forces. I combine literary studies with visual creations and physical action in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the theories I use. It is a way of investigating and developing methods of approaching contemporary art educationally.


Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
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Art Teacher Education