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Sofie Lind

Sofie Lind

In my essay I investigate how educational principles are influenced by the significance of the location. Is a county museum less cool than an art gallery?

As a teacher, how can you arouse curiosity about the county’s local history and simultaneously lead group discussions on the analysis of advertising images?

I return to Småland in southern Sweden, which I left as soon as I had passed my final school examination. 16 years later I am working as an art teacher in a secondary school in a small town in Uppland. The discussions with my pupils led me to think about small towns and their cultural climate, about my prejudices and experiences, about the Law of Jante – an unwritten law advocating humility, modesty, self effacement and equality – and about my own upbringing in a small town. My pupils’ circumstances are highly reminiscent of my own.

My film is based on these thoughts, and is an attempt to get to know my home town afresh. It is about coming back and digging where you are.

“Bad art is expensive art.”, 2009

Year of birth 1974 Place of birth Jönköping, Sweden
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Nässjö Town Hall, 2009

“Art isn’t important to me.” , 2009

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