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Helga Sif Gudmundsdottir

Helga Sif Gudmundsdottir

Images of Time

The environment is a dominant image, but the image is continuously changing. In my degree project, I am working with time-based events in the environment. The result is photography and recordings of sound.

I have always been interested in art that has, in one way or the other, the nature of being time-based. In the beginning I started with making art that you could eat. My intention was to see the work disappear, or at least part of it. I liked the thought of people eating my work, and to have an ongoing event of chance and happening.

I like differences and contradictions. I want to sense nonsense in sensible things and think with my gut. What happens in a wordless way is what I’m seeking after.

“Art is a product of feeling and can therefore only be consumed intuitively”.
–Zsa-Zsa Eyck / Sigurdur Gudmundsson


Year of birth 1974 Place of birth Reykjavik, Iceland
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Textile in the Expanded Field