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Melina Ånstrand

Melina Ånstrand

Previously I have been working with clothes. I have been into shopping rather then doing my own designs. My interest lies in the possibility of ascribing oneself an identity through clothing and thus creating a sense of belonging. I have been working with building up new identities that do not “belong” in the way that we are used to.
I do photos and videowork.

In my latest work I have been concentrating on the body in relation to its surroundings. The work is showing a form of Gestalt therapy. I translate different mental states into physical action. I perfrom these actions in a video. The video is a reflection of my own state of mind and in being so also reflects something deeply human. The work is raw and depressing with a touch of tenderness.

Year of birth 1979Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden

Textile in the Expanded Field