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Cameron MacLeod

Cameron MacLeod

Through my work I am interested in comparing different periods of time in human history. Elements from contemporary and antiquated customs are mixed to develop alternate historical narratives. These narratives often represent areas of conflict between new and old ways of thinking and by fusing them together I question the possibility of reconciliation.

The Stone Age Electronic Calculator (SAEC) is designed to question perceptions of modern computational instruments and therefore, information based societies in general by providing an instruction manual that restricts the building of an electronic calculator to the modes of physical production that were available during prehistoric times.

An online website with collaborative functionally is used as a tool to develop the manual as well as a device to examine if modern computational instruments can provide rapid information production for utilization in primitive societies.

The SAEC is an open ended public participatory project where by members of the pubic are free to exchange and edit its contents.


Year of birth 1975 Place of birth Canada
+ 46 (0) 73 647 20 05

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