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Sara Nordangård

Sara Nordangård

Playfully and with a touch of irony, Sara’s installation celebrates the search for understanding and knowledge, exploring how this can foster a feeling of insecurity when it follows the classical male-orientated principle.

She illustrates the dichotomy which commonly arises between the young and the old, the feminine and the masculine, the left-brain and the right-brain to explore the way self-confidence and identity are undermined when learning style is inconsistent with teaching style.

“I work with a variety of media, including film, photography, sound and sculpture, always with a clear focus on art in the context of social issues.”

Klara Klara, 2009
Photo: Sara Nordangård

Year of birth 1975 Place of birth Svanö, Swedish
+ 46 (0) 70 433 585

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Fanny Klara, 2009

Fanny Fanny, 2009

Title, year
Photo: Sara Nordangård

Title, year
Photo: Sara Nordangård

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What is it all about?!, 2009
Duration: 01:43 min

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