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Anastasia Christogiannopoulou Klappenbach

Anastasia Christogiannopoulou Klappenbach

Utopias and dystopias fascinate me because they show how men imagine an ideal society, but the very concept of an “ideal” society changes throughout history.

Facing the global financial crisis and catastrophic climate changes, we have to ask ourselves how to deal with these dystopian problems by applying new technologies and materials.

Imagine a community of sixty households integrated in a landscape, receiving energy and water supply from the center of the village. There stands a machine that extracts water from the atmosphere and distributes the purified water to the consumers. Close by, solar leafs (solar cells printed on very thin foils) absorb energy from the sun in order to run the water extractor. They can be put where they blend well with the landscape.

In this future village scenario, the citizens also use the landscape formed by the fountain (water from air extractor machine) as a place to meet and socialize.

Solarleafs, 2009

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Solarleafs on fountain, 2009

Fountain front, 2009

Fountain perspective, 2009

Fountain back, 2009