Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Jessica Hansson

Jessica Hansson

Jessica Hansson

I am fascinated by the uncatchable extension of objects and furniture that communicates with surfaces and space around us – the shadow. A shadow can reach far. Although it has limited movement pattern it is able to get into other rooms, other houses, look around corners and literally meet other people and things. The shadow is by nature very curious.

I have made a cabinet filled with shadows. It is a piece of furniture without a back or front piece which picks up the light from surrounding light sources and gives it a new purpose in the cabinet. From the slats inside the cabinet, shadows are hurled out, making graphical patterns on the surfaces around. Also the slats themselves have different dark shades depending on how the light hits them. The expression is very vivid.


Year of birth 1974 Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
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