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Elisabet Eurén

Elisabet Eurén

The Brief – A curatorial project

Curatorial Project in dialogue with Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.

This is a process-based, self-reflective work where the curator takes the role of the creative co-producer inviting two visual artists, Beatrice Ehrström and Katarina Nitsch and one architect, Kristin Heiskel Gausdal, to join her.

The curator is interested in making the breaking points visible between the world of commerce and the world of arts when it comes to questions concerning forms of organisation in the processes of production and distribution.

Therefore, as a starting point and a catalyst for the creative process, the artists and the architect has been given a brief to make a campaign for teenagers as a target group, simultaneously using the participants in the target group as a focus group to spread the notion of citizenship of the world.


Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
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