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Ada Chirakranont

Ada Chirakranont

Textiles have been used for clothing for a long time. Softness is a key which brings material close to skin. Its soft character is a quality which can enfold the body. Like water that can be shaped by containers, textiles can be formed according to the body, but in an inverse way. I see a possibility to use textiles to enclose body postures.

Using craft as a universal language, I attempt to embody textiles into a collective space using landscape furniture. The purpose is to stimulate people to use their body and senses to experience this object and the landscape furniture illustrates this idea. While the ideas seem dissimilar due to the form of objects and the context of the space, I believe once one experiences the landscape furniture, they will know what it is capable of.

Tactility and the body experience, 2009

Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Bangkok, Thailand
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Tactility and the body experience, 2009

Tactility and the body experience, 2009

Textile in the Expanded Field