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Helena Carlsson

Helena Carlsson

Can a diabetes aid become a lifestyle product?

Target group: Teenagers with diabetes type 1 (receiving insulin treatment).

8,000 children in Sweden currently have diabetes – the majority of them teenagers. Younger children are increasingly affected, and this will mean even more teenagers in a few years.

Puberty is the time of life when it is hardest to treat a diabetic. Hormones counteract the effect of the insulin and raise the blood sugar level, making it harder to control the diabetes. This can lead to secondary diseases.

Teenagers of today surround themselves with gadgets that reinforce their identity and express values they wish to be associated with. Doctors struggle with the fact that teenagers leave their insulin pens and blood sugar meters at home but never go anywhere without their mobile or MP3 player.

Is it possible to create a diabetes aid that meets all a user’s daily diabetes treatment needs, whilst simultaneously providing them with a positive emotional value?

Diabetic Gadget, 2009

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