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Oskar Lindblom

Oskar Lindblom


Safety gear is often developed for use in an industrial environment. At an industrial work place there are safety regulations and routines to keep the workers safe, but it is not only those who work in an industrial environment that are in need of safety gear. When you don’t use safety gear on a regular basis it is easy to forget and know when it is required. Some users even stop using their safety gear because it is inconvenient and disturbs their work.

Of all the safety, gear I have chosen the gas mask, a product designed to prevent harmful gases from reaching its user. Those gases are often invisible to the eye, and it is hard to detect their harmful effects on the body, therefore it is easy to ignore the importance of the gas mask, and the users who took the first step in buying one often tend to “learn” why not to wear it because of the inconvenience it causes.


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