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Tove Thambert

Tove Thambert

It is becoming harder and harder to create products that the consumer does not tire of. We surround ourselves with more and more things whose value lies in how new they appear – products that are extremely susceptible to the effects of ageing. But there are exceptions: musical instruments for example.

Musicians often have a strong and permanent emotional relationship with their instruments – a relationship that only gets stronger with time. Instruments are beautiful products that last for a long time: a violin can last for three hundred years. At the same time today’s instrument cases are soulless, and without the slightest trace of either the instrument’s or the musician’s expressiveness.

I have wanted to create a case that the user can like as much as the instrument it contains – a case that reflects the expressiveness both of the instrument and of the musician – a case that the user will like more every day and that will be a reminder of everything the musician has experienced when it ages.


Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
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