Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Anders Sunna

Anders Sunna

Anders Sunna

My art is based on my own experiences, my family, reindeer husbandry and Sami history. My art is politically oriented and differs from ‘ordinary’ Sami art, which paints a picture of the Sami as a beautiful, peaceful and carefree people who are considered a little exotic.

I want to emphasize reality as it is, including the prejudices and oppression to which I and many other Sami are exposed every day. In each work I mix tension, various messages and strong events. The more you look at a work the more you discover.

I want to touch people with my art. I want you to be interested in the Sami – Sweden’s own indigenous population – and to think about what their living conditions are like today. People know too little about the Sami, and this leads to prejudices and hatred. People do not know who we are.

Year of birth 1985 Place of birth Kiruna, Sweden
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Fine Art