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Gabriella Jonsson

Gabriella Jonsson

I dove into an endless spiral of association. I dug deeper and deeper… OD-ing on printed knowledge. People asked me about the purpose of the investigation; I stared at them from a dead-end and gave different answers every time. It was a pleasure to retell the collected information, skewing the details to fit an exciting new narrative – owing to the liberties of speech. Text was harder.

Every flawed connection became crystal clear for future scrutinizing eyes. Every word weighed down by history. I obsessed about the thought of an intact, total structure that would lead me to a common denominator. Macro Cosmos = Micro Cosmos. I wanted to create a method to tame this clutter, but there was no rational solution to this irrational problem. The dream was only an imprint of a reality and reality was lost in the heaps of braided hair that lay before me.

The Debraiding Machine: Prototype, 2008

Year of birth 1985 Place of birth Älghult, Sweden

Fine Art