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Elinor Linde Klingström

Elinor Linde Klingström

Fully concentrated – bang! On the essential. That’s what I want. I’m looking for a language. It’s made up of different materials like drawings, objects and photographs. But the tempo, nuances and content make it a whole. I talk about the larger issues that in my mind have a place in art. The constant questions of who we are. Us humans. Why did I become this way and what do I do with what I’ve got?

Starting with my own story, I engage in a conversation with history. By interjecting my work with existing pictures, buildings and realities I understand more. For me, art is about overcoming your limitations. My work is about trying to understand the meaning of it all. Really. Chaos and order. Light and darkness. And a desire to get them in balance.

Work in progress, 2009
Pencil on paper

Year of birth 1981 Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden
+ 46 (0) 70 493 85 95

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