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Josef Bull

Josef Bull

“Identical twins were seated in separate rooms hooked up to EEG machines to measure their brain waves. They were asked to leave their eyes open, until one was instructed to do otherwise. It was noted that in 2 out of 15 pairs of twins tested in this instance, eye closure in one twin not only produced an immediate alpha rhythm in his brain but, also in the brain of the other twin, even though he had kept his eyes open throughout this procedure.”

Fred H. Thaheld. “Proposed Experiments to Determine if There is a Connection Between Biological Nonlocality and Consciousness”, Apeiron, Vol. 8, No. 4, October 2001.

Modes of Transmission, 2008

Year of birth 1984 Place of birth Huddinge, Sweden

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Modes of Transmission, 2009

Modes of Transmission, 2009

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