Konstfack – Vårutställning 2009 / Degree Exhibition 2009 » Moa Karlsson

Moa Karlsson

Moa Karlsson

In the ordinary there are often elements so absurd that we don’t even notice them

In this series of paintings I have used the camera to capture that which only crop up when you are least expecting it. Scenes involving certain qualities that I cannot define, but that I recognize when I see them. I then investigate how I can use painting to convey the experience.

Before, I almost only painted portraits. There are similarities between those and the environments I paint presently. They revolve round the same kind of looking, and the subjective gaze.

The painted image is silent and motionless without beginning or end. This is why I find painting suitable for depicting states and not actions.

Där nere på marken, 2009
Oil on MDF board

Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Gotland, Sweden

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Här ska barnen vara, 2009
Oil on MDF board

Hängaren, 2009
Oil on MDF board

Skulpturens ansikte, 2009
Oil on MDF board
Himlen över tallen i Blackeberg, 2009
Oil on MDF board

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