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Cristine Sundbom

Cristine Sundbom


ABORT ‘n GO is a project within the crossing boundaries of Critical Design and Industrial Design.

The contemporary discourse on abortion is problematic, since it’s infected by double norms that may cause feelings of guilt and shame by women having an abortion. The abortion right is built upon conflicting standpoints; one is that women have right to have an abortion, without being questioned. Second is the notion that abortion is something that should be avoided, implying that you’ve done something wrong if you have had an abortion.

With this project and physical product I want to explore and discuss the contemporary discourse on abortion in Sweden. ABORT ‘n GO is a concept aimed as an option abortion method for a specific target group. It is not meant to replace other abortion methods, since women have different needs and preferences.

With ABORT ‘n GO – the product design process commenced from a standpoint, subsequently resulting in questions rather than showing the optimal solution we usually expect in traditional Industrial Design.

What is your opinion?

Double norms

Year of birth 1968 Place of birth Luleå, Sweden

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Views on sexuality and abortion interwined


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