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Beata Bäck

Beata Bäck

Recycling stations, containers and bulky-refuse dumps can be real gold mines for those not afraid to dive in. An ungainly container on the other side of the street can make my heart race. The excitement of pulling yourself up and looking down! The satisfaction of finding an old teak chest of drawers or a kitchen fitting. Rescuing them from their fate in waste furnaces and thermal power stations.

When does an item of furniture lose its value?

The discarded furniture bears stories, memories, traces and clues. Values, which must be created afresh every time an item of furniture is produced, are already to be found in a worn turned table leg, a door or a wobbly chair back. I want to cherry-pick and create new life from old. Rescue, save, make use of, reappraise, mend, struggle. Bring the dead furniture back to life! Out of respect for the discarded furniture, their designer and their previous owner. To show others what I see.

Treasures, 2009

Year of birth 1984 Place of birth Sundsvall, Sweden
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Assemblage, 2009

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design