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Elin T. Carlsten

Elin T. Carlsten

An extra room

One room each – though it is assumed that married and cohabiting couples will share – plus a living room and a kitchen. That’s the current norm for a good standard of accommodation. What happened to the guest room, the study, the hobby room and the other rooms you need?

In newly built flats the design is often open: the kitchen and the living room are merged. An openness that many people prefer, but consequently with one less room.

What is the actual significance of the rooms we live and operate in? One of five children currently live in overcrowded conditions in accordance to this norm. I wish to safeguard the room – one’s own private sphere. The room as an object – an object of emptiness. A spatial demarcation, a new room. The need to be able to shut yourself away but also come out.

Model/sketch, 2009

Year of birth 1980 Place of birth Nyköping, Sweden
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Nora’s space, 2009

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design