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Sam Löfgren

Sam Löfgren


As I was standing there in the shop I tried to find reasons for buying things:

Would this perhaps be good for my sister?
I might need this some time.
Pens always come in handy…
It’s so cheap, so why not?

Like me, many people take their primary needs for granted, and focus more on the secondary ones. We sometimes buy things to make us feel happy and satisfied. One is easily governed by the minor needs that are so easy to meet by going out and buying something.

“We shop therefore we are.”
India Knight.

We ought instead to think about our needs in a more ‘realistic’ way – do we really need all these bits and pieces that we buy? What are our real needs right now? What do we need to meet these needs?

Maybe a Need-chair …

I+need+function&resources, 2009

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