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Sandra Petersson

Sandra Petersson

If only for an instant

Public space has become a plethora of impressions. People in motion, light, sound and images create over-stimulation that leads to our screening ourselves off from our surroundings so as not to suffer emotional meltdown. The blinders protect us, but make us even less inclined to reflect on what we are actually surrounded by. Public space has become a place of transit. What matters is getting from A to B.

What happens if you use additional external means to transform the place from a transportation area into a momentary breathing space? In which the location and the object create an interplay whereby the tangible lies in the unexpected, which gets us – if only for an instant – to slow down and take notice of each other and our surroundings.

Slussen/Götgatan, March 4, 2009

Year of birth 1985 Place of birth Karlskrona, Sweden
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Interior Architecture and Furniture Design